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Playtime -Newborn
By Virginia Degner

       Do you know what baby's first "toy" is?  You are your baby's first and best "toy".  Just being with you is pleasurable to you and your baby.  He or she will look into your face and feel your warmth and comfort, hearing your voice and seeing you smile at him or her. Babies know you by how you hold them and how you smell ,all mothers have a special scent that their baby recognizes as "mommy". So hold your baby lots and cuddle together and enjoy getting acquainted.

      You don't need toys to entertain your newborn. talking softly to him or her and looking in his/her eyes are all you need during these first weeks as your baby begins to focus and notice the world around her.  To help her focus you can hang a mobile above her crib and shake a rattle near her face all will begin to attract her attention.

      When your baby is a few months old, you'll be able to play more actively with her.  Find ways of moving together that you both enjoy such as dancing to your favorite slow moving music or move her through the air like a swing. The key is gentle movements that don't jar your baby. You must never shake or jiggle your baby because the brain is floating somewhat in baby's skull and isn't securely attached, you could harm your baby by shaking him or her.

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